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  • Step1_會員註冊條款
  • Step2_會員資料填寫
  • Step3_會員資料確認
  • Step4_會員申請完成

To better protect your rights, please read the following carefully before registering:

As members register, members should provide the actual and complete personal information. If there is any change after the registration, please revise your information anytime online.
Sungreat will follow the privacy protection law and Sungreat will not disclose any member’s personal information without member’s permission. Members also agree to grant Sungreat the permission to legally collect, transmit or utilize such member information of statistical analysis or research under common international law.

Sungreat has the right to terminate member status and other services if the following happens :
● Providing incorrect or misleading information。
● Any intension to breach, destroy or affect negatively on Sungreat’s service or system。 ● Spreading untrue, inappropriate information to threaten, blackmail others’ legal rights or picture.。
● Disobeying Sungreat’s member rules, or common laws in Taiwan and internationally。

Members should understand and agree that Sungreat’s system may be affected by natural disease or other uncontrollable events that cause malfunctions, delays, or transmission errors that may affect the convenience for member usage. Members cannot demand compensation of any sort from Sungreat.

Please kindly understand that members are responsible for the safety of the login and password, and we will appreciate for you to not disclose such information to others.

All the written information, pictures, sounds, videos and softwares are under the protection of Taiwan and International copyright. Please respect such copyright, or else Sungreat has to right to proceed legal actions.

Joining Sungreat’s member network is a free service, and Sungreat remains the right to change or suspend any function, or to suspend any member’s account. Please understand that members cannot request compensation or any sort.

Sungreat has the right to revise the terms of agreement, and will publicize the revision under the member page. Sungreat will not inform each member individually. Members can feel free to stop using Sungreat’s network service as a member if there is any disagreement in Sungreat’s revised terms of agreement. Sungreat will consider members have agreed the revised terms of agreement if members continue the usage of Sungreat network’s service.

All other unmentioned terms are according to the Taiwan’s laws and international regulation over internet.